The OLIVE_CULTURE Project has started!

On 28/1/2019, the kick-off meeting of the OLIVE_CULTURE project took place in Kompoti, Arta, with the wide participation of its partbers The Mayor of the Municipality of Nikolaos Skoufas, Mr. Efstathios Giannoulis at the beginning of the meeting stated:"The OLIVE_CULTURE project  is a very important financial tool  for the strengthening of the local economy of the project intervention area.

Especially for the Municipality of Nikolaos Skoufas, which has a high concentration of activities in the primary and secondary sector and especially in the agri-food sector. The Act is expected to lay the foundations and contribute substantially to local entrepreneurship by introducing innovative solutions to a number of crop, standardization and marketing problems, which we believe will significantly help professionals and residents of our area.The strengthening and promotion of our local products and the support of professionals have  always been a priority for this municipal authority and I would like to thank all those who contribute in this direction."The OLIVE_CULTURE is implemented within the framework of the European Program INTERREG IPA CBC "Greece-Albania 2014-2020" and is funded 85% by the EU and 15% by National Resources of Greece and Albania with a total budget of 652,835.32 €. In the cross-border implementation scheme, the Municipality of Nikolaos Skoufas participates as Lead Beneficiary.From the Greek side also participate the University of Ioannina (PB2) and the Ionian University (PB3), while from the Albanian side participate the Region of Vlora (PB4), the Center for Agricultural Technology Transfer of Vlora (PB5) and the Municipality of Berat (PB6).The OLIVE_CULTURE includes a complex set of actions aimed at developing a know-how exchange network that will lead to the adoption of innovative crop management and trade services with the aim of capitalizing on good practices and scientific knowledge in the oil production and in general agri-food sector.All the planned actions of the project are expected to lead to synergies, cross-border collaborations, attract investment, increase export opportunities but also to complement in the promotion of other local agri-food products in the intervention area.